RS Slalom

The new RS 2; 3 & 4 have a new shape featuring a straighter outline between the front and back footstraps and a narrower tail to improve top speed. RS 6 has got some major improvement with a reworked rocker line and VE and release the board and give it better acceleration and top speed. On the whole board range we have also increased the amount of vee beneath the mast foot to provide maximum release in gusty winds. The increased vee also offers good upwind abilities in all conditions. With it's carbon construction, the RS combines strength & stiffness with super light weight, helping to ensure that this board is truly a racing beast that will bring you to maximum velocity in an instant.

  • DDSA: Double Density Shock Absorber
  • Carbon Construction: light and stiff for earlier planning and acceleration.
  • Unfinished paint: no extra weight.

RS Slalom
Volume Length Width Weight Fin Size Sail Size RRP Our Price
68 230 50 4.7 tuttle 4.2-5.7 $ 2489 $ 1799
100 235 64 6.0 tuttle 5.7-7.8 $ 2489 $ 1799

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