The MauiSails philosophy of designing complete high performance windsurfing rigs includes our Performance  Boom range. The MauiSails Team has pioneered innovative features which  bring value and performance to the aluminum boom component.

At the top of the features list is our unique Front End design, the result of more than two years of development. The MauiSails Front End began as a Carbon Race Boom specific design, but has been cleverly adapted to our Performance Aluminum Boom range.

International Sales Manager, Rick Whidden, says, “We have one Front End strong enough to absorb the loads transferred through the Front End of a Carbon Race Boom. Now any windsurfer, on any boom size or configuration, aluminum or carbon fiber, can have a Front End with the same durability required for the demands of the longest Carbon Race Boom. The original idea was always to apply the Front End to both our Aluminum Boom and our Carbon Boom.”

The MauiSails Front End is lightweight, built in super tough plastics, and designed to absorb and release high energy loads from fully powered sailing. By creating a specific adaptation for connecting aluminum boom arms as a complete component, the MauiSails Team designed the Performance Aluminum Boom Front End to fit over the aluminum boom arms instead of inside, a desirable alternative to many aluminum booms on the market today. The major benefit is the stiffness we get from a large diameter molded tube connecting the two arms on the MauiSails Performance Aluminum Boom. In addition, the Front End design features more surface area to keep loads on the mast low, and a ’snap on’ function whi8ch makes the boom attachment the easiest task in the rigging process.

Adding to the performance advantage of the MauiSails Front End is the Team’s selection of heat treated T-8 stiffness aluminum boom arms with specific bends for each model in the Performance Aluminum Boom range. Testing to discover the optimum boom curves to maximize the best performance and range of the sails has defined the curves of the new MauiSails Performance Aluminum Boom. A super durable Boom Grip with comfortable 32 mm outside diameter, makes the Performance Aluminum Boom is a joy to hang on to for extended windsurfing sessions. Integrated Harness Line indicators make side to side harness line positioning accurate and repeatable.

Continuous Back Ends are designed to deliver the optimum stiffness to weight at the back of the boom. Convenient Loop and Go outhaul attachments are on the smaller sizes and triple pulley setups with integrated cleats for adjustable outhaul system adaptability are available in the longer models. A Single Push Pin adjustment is matched to length indicated back ends with 50 cm range for ease of use and precise fit to the outhaul dimension of the sail.

At MauiSails, our philosophy is the integration of components to maximize the performance of the rig. The MauiSails Performance Aluminum Boom is a positive step in that direction. Delivering high value to performance with innovation features is the MauiSails trademark and expressed to its most logical conclusion in the Performance Aluminum Boom range.

ATTENTION : The MauiSails boom front end is easy to use and requires only light clamping pressure to prevent slipping on the mast.
 TOO MUCH PRESSURE can break the clamping flap where the rope is hooked. The rope should be 4mm Marlow Pre-stretched if possible. Do not use larger than 4mm line for the clamping rope.
 When applying closing pressure use only enough to stop sliding on the mast.  

Alloy Booms
Min Length (cm) Max Length (cm Max Width (cm) Outside Diameter (mm) Backend Sail Range (m2) Weight (kg) RRP Our Price
140 190 - 32 Loop - 2.60 $ 345 $ 345
160 210 - 32 Loop - 2.80 $ 345 $ 345
180 230 - 32 Pulley - 3.06 $ 360 $ 360
200 250 - 32 Pulley - 3.17 $ 380 $ 380
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