Freestyle sail.


Working closely with Taty Frans, MauiSails is excited to introduce the all new 2014 “Loco Pro” 4-batten dedicated freestyle sail. This is the greatest evolution to our highly successful, multiple time EFPT champion and former PWA vice champion Loco sail line since its inception, involving a complete redesign around the 4 batten layout. Having gained some shaping insight from our revolutionary Mutant sail range, but applied to a classic higher aspect ratio freestyle outline, the Loco is optimized for new school freestyle maneuvers. 

The most noticeable feature of the Loco Pro is the incredibly light and crisp feel that begs you to innovate and try new tricks. A tighter leech, and the springy tension our full length Dacron™ luff  provides, produces almost instant power to accelerate you from one maneuver to the next with a mega dose of pop.

The Loco Pro incorporates markcloth reinforced film in the mid and upper body of the sail for super light weight and a crisp, responsive feel. High quality U.S. made X-ply™ leech and foot areas together with an Optical X-ply “crash panel” in the lower window ensure that the sail can take a beating when learning new tricks.

The Loco Pro benefits from MauiSails design legacy combined with the most progressive new features and is the ultimate no-compromise freestyle weapon.
Quote from Taty Frans:
”The Loco Pro… Finally Art made me that dream freestyle sail…no match in terms of better handling, more easy when overpower, easy to maneuver, and the lift of doing air moves is improved, light in your hands. Having the leach tighter makes for easy ducking and is extra easy for sail maneuvers. The Loco Pro gives better acceleration, compare to others.”

Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Battens Head / Top Cam RRP Our Price
4.8 400 19 414 161 14 5 fixed 0 $ 629 $ 499
5.2 400 19 426 170 26 5 fixed 0 $ 659 $ 519
5.6 430 21 441 176 11 5 fixed 0 $ 679 $ 539

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