TR-XI Slalom/Race Sail


For The TR-XI we started with an already very fast performer and had the challenge to make it even better. Based on testing and competition in a variety of conditions from blasting wind and rough swell to flat water and gusty variable breezes, we isolated areas that could be improved. The goal: to get around a race course in the fastest and most effective possible manner. The reality of racing in gusty and inconsistent conditions is that you need to turn every little puff into forward acceleration and you also need to be able to glide through the ever present lulls. With these facts in mind, and especially relevant to the larger sail sizes (7.0 and up) we refined our lower body shaping by increasing profile through both our horizontal and dual vertical shape seams. The addition of a tube batten in the foot, works together with the new shaping numbers, locking the more pronounced profile forward and improving power and stability. The additional locked profile shape and tension in the lower sail body also helps to make pumping more effective as the sail responds instantaneously, converting your energy into forward drive. In the more high wind oriented sizes (6.6 and down), the increased stability that results from the added lower profile helps you stay trimmed and in control through the most radical gusts, pushing you to sail faster and faster.

When adding this extra shape in the lower sail body we stayed very diligent about maintaining our characteristic soft, smooth and breathing leech response as well as smooth cam rotation. The fine details of the twist profile were further refined, for an even progression and cleaner head shaping. The “magic” happens when you have the perfect combination of the two, but in reality the only way to cast this spell is to pay absolute attention to every fine shaping detail as we do.  Locked in power and stability together with dynamic, smooth twist response provides ultimate efficiency. The reward is instant acceleration, outstanding stability and control, dominant speed and of course, winning races.

The materials used to build the TR-X1 play almost as much of a factor as the shaping details. Our custom, light weight metallized scrim laminate is used in the upper sail body “twist zones” and provides a light, smooth and responsive feel to the leech. Additionally, the unique, double concentrated, bias yarns are perfectly aligned to carry the diagonal twist loads. A load path oriented seam provides a smooth interface to the high stability monofilm profile area. For TR-XI we have used 3 different weights of high quality film in the profile zone, each specifically located for an optimum combination of light weight, strength and a crisp, responsive feel. In order to further trim weight, while improving stability, we also increased the use of ultra light, low stretch Technora scrim laminate in the wide luff sleeve.

The TR-XI emanates speed and refinement, a testimony to the countless hours that have culminated in its development

Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Battens Head / Top Cam RRP Our Price
5.1 370 17 389 165 19 8 Fixed 4 $ 1229 $ 799

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