Titan GSX

The 2017 TitanGSX is the ideal sail for easy Freerace sailing, with manageable power and competition speed. For 2017, we have continued with our proven construction with light window Xply is the lower part of the sail and more durable standard 5 mil Xply in the upper leech and load areas. The 5mil gives the sail a TOUGH look, while still giving the leech "twist zone"a responsive feel. A moderately wide, x-ply/Dacron composite mast sleeve provides a clean profile and cams off rigging.

Lower profile shaping has been improved for added stability and power. The combination of adjustments has led to increased wind range and an incredibly fast and efficient free race performer.

Titan GSX
Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Battens Head / Top Cam RRP Our Price
7.0 430 21 454 194 24 7 Fixed 2 $ 1259 $ 700

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