Lighter, stronger, more performing. There are a lot of adjectives we can use to describe our RDM100, but we can make a long story short by saying, without fear of contradiction, that it's the best RDM mast on the market.

The mast has a real 100% carbon content powered by the ultimate Japanese pre-preg carbon technologies. The all-carbon structure gives the mast the most desirable performances in terms of reactivity, command response and reflex ratio, and it will help you to get planning earlier. You will remain astonished from how quickly and neatly you'll be able to perform your favorite tricks. The RDM100 has been specifically engineered to fit the latest Freestyle/Wave sails.

The boom area features the exclusive carbon & polymer protection shield that avoids overstress from the boom joint end.

To guarantee a perfect and flawless bond between the fibers and the resins we have developed a new and exclusive production process called AUTOCLAVE CONSISTENCY. This process, available only to very few companies, involves the curing of the carbon in a high pressure chamber. The high pressure literally shoots tiny air bubbles and impurities out of the mast giving as a result a perfect carbon body. Innovation does not stop here.

Do you know those annoying moments when, after a surfing session, the two sections of your mast get stuck? Thanks to the exclusive AERO SANDING JOINT process we have solved this problem once for all! The joint area is sanded by means of a special air-pressure sanding machine that ensures a homogeneous hone on the whole surface. You'll never arrive late to the party anymore! There is a last interesting feature regarding our top and bottom sections of our RDM masts: they are totally interchangeable. This brand new feature will allow you to substitute only one of the two sections in the unlike event of breakage.

RDM 100
Size IMCS Carbon (%) Weight Race Freerace Freeride Wave RRP Our Price
370 17 100 No No Yes Yes $ 529 $ 529
400 19 100 No No Yes Yes $ 589 $ 589
430 21 100 No No Yes Yes $ 649 $ 649

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