REFINED: Unrivaled design attention yield the magic combination of radical acceleration, power and speed with light and smooth handling
LIGHTER: SpaceLight™ laminate combined with progressive weight film vertical panels.
FASTER: Perfectly tuned profile and efficient leech twist progression.
BALANCED and STABLE: New FocusPoint™ shaping concentrates shaping points where they are most effective at locking profile.
EFFICIENT: Leech and head geometry tuned to eliminate inefficient movement and maintain correct angle of attack through a wide wind range.
RANGE: Increased and forward oriented profile combined with ultra-smooth gust response give perfect control through a huge wind range.
ACCELERATE: Increased lower sleeve width improves aerodynamic profile and combines with tuned tension to convert each gust into maximum horsepower.
SMOOTH: Shaping points, luff curve and sleeve width perfectly balanced for smooth positive rotation.

- New “light tip” upper batten construction with custom fittings designed. Reduces sail weight further in most important areas and quickens leech response. Venom expected to be the lightest production race sail
- New outhaul pulley design
- Luff curve shaping adjusted in larger sizes for improved Cam rotation and extremely efficient and stable foil shape
- Adjusted cam design with longer roller to better balance pressure, improve rotation and reduce mast wear
- Larger sizes refined for optimum balance and efficiency, combining outstanding power and acceleration with light handling and excellent control
- Special attention given to 7.7 for slightly softer feel and more progressive leech release, providing higher speed and control
- Smaller sizes fine-tuned to perfect sleeve fit and cam pressure
- Cross-batten abrasion protector
- Super strong head webbing design eliminates failure
- Lengthened boom cutout zipper for easier boom attachment and cam access
- Improved threading of batten tensioners to eliminate loosening
- Red SpaceLight™ material updated for more vibrant colour and spectacular metallic effect that also provides outstanding UV resistance

Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Battens Head / Top Cam RRP Our Price
5.0 400 19 404 172 4 8 Fixed 4 $ 1399 $ 919
5.7 400 19 412 183 12 8 Fixed 4 $ 1419 $ 949
7.0 430 21 459 206 29 8 Fixed 4 $ 1579 $ 999
8.4 460 25 490 232 30 8 Fixed 4 $ 1719 $ 1079

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