Alu Mono C shape

27mm Reduced Diameter Grip (RDG) and 29mm Standard Grip (SDG) for larger sizes C-shape offer, smooth-gliding, integrated RDM adapter, slick double-pin adjustment, and quality Nylon forged head and tail sections pure absolute quality and comfort. With precision engineered bend curves for maximum strength against deflection and distortion, they shift Aluminum booms into an all-new category to rival all but our ultimate spec Carbon booms for resilience.

- Increased wall thickness Stronger, stiffer, more durable

- Integrated RDM mast shim Easier rigging and removable when using SDM masts

- Loop-to-loop tail-end Easy, lightning fast rigging

- Double pin locker Rock-solid fastening of the adjustable back end

- HD Boomhead Strongest and stiffest connection between mast and boom

- Pulley Block Tial-End Integrated Pulleys Perfect for Adjustable Outhauls


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