Carbon Mono C shape

Our single shell exterior construction gives stiffness and protection from both stress and impact. The Carbon MONO C 160-220 and 180-240 feature a C-shape style, But with wider tails for Freerace and Slalom rig efficiency. With the Carbon MONO C 140-190 there’s an emphasis on the modern C-Shape optimum stiffness curve that is ergonomically efficient while matching contemporary sail design advances. The 140-190 is specified in RDG (Reduced Diameter Grip) for smaller hands and comfort handling higher forces in strong winds.

- Integrated RDM mast shim Easier rigging and removable when using SDM masts

- Wider Tail Fits Race Sail Profiles Pulley Block Tail-End Integrated Pulleys Perfect for Adjustable Outhauls

- Loop-to-loop tail-end Easy, lightning fast rigging.

- HD Boomhead Strongest and stiffest connection between mast and boom.


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