Exocet is a devoted sailboard manufacturer, initiated in the early 90’s by Patrice Belbeoch a former PWA World Champion. For several years, the boards were custom shaped and only dedicated World Cup racers and specific customers, and with the cooperation of several legendary shapers, the team’s recognition quickly became known world wide. Jean-Marie Guiriec, a composite technician with vast experiences from his development work with the French America’s Cup syndicate Defi France joined the company in 1993 as a shaper.

S2 Maui

S2Maui is the heart of a great team. Friends and colleagues, who recognized that their combined dynamic was truly magic and needed to push forward to the next level. Built on a rock solid legacy of design quality and innovation, driven by passion, they are now free to create the future. The natural evolution of Barry and Art 10 year design collaboration, there are plenty more ideas yet to be unleashed. Art is incredibly grateful for the experiences of their past work and even more so for the continued support that has opened a door to the future.

Maui Sails

World renowned sail designer, Barry Spanier, teamed up with the veteran racer and former PBA World champion, Phil McGain, in 1999, to use their experience in leading edge windsurfing technology and Research and Development to provide the tools to win the Overall World Cup title in 2000. That team went on to win five more titles since 2000, and became one of the premier development groups of today. Barry Spanier and The Team at MauiSails have led developments in all aspects of the sport since 1978, and continue to lead the way today.


Carbon booms entirely made in Italy

AL360 booms are the result of collaboration with PWA riders, tested in the windiest spots, bringing high end quality product combining stiffness, light weight and durability.


Animated Rigs:

We engage wind and water to move through wind and water, becoming one with nature’s elements. Life-like rigs are an extension of the rider, they create efficient gliding sensations as well as extend the
effective wind range. Animated rigs are smooth, fast, balanced, easy, and most importantly, inject fun into all windsurfing disciplines- from waves to longboard racing!

How We Achieved This:

In a few words... With windsurfers who share deep passion for methodical windsurfing rig development. The Loftsails development team has expanded further for 2018 and I am thrilled to be able to work with some of the best windsurfers in the world who assist in the exploration of what is possible... We modify, tweak, test, review, refine, and integrate only the best of our work into Loftsails production series designs. For 2018 our our award-winning rigs are further evolved - top tier windsurfing performance and durability. When purchasing a Loftsail, the ultimate in high performance and longevity is received.

Honor and Integrity:

I am dedicated to windsurfing sail design development work. Its been my fascination for some 40 years now, a passion that has grown through the years. My passion is shared with the Loftsails development team... a family environment surrounds our R&D. We work together, enjoying our work to extremes! We live our dreams developing living rigs for all disciplines, and stand by the products we design %100.

Monty Spindler

FMX Racing

FMX Racing is born from a deep desire to design, shape, test and ultimately deliver world class products to the windsurfing market that racers and customers alike will remember forever.


Streamlined Windsurfing was established in 1982 by David Dominy to design and produce high performance windsurfing components. Back then Dave's first design was the first, the original, 'Tendon' universal joint. This design has become the industry standard throughout the world and is arguably the most imitated design in all of windsurfing.

XO Sails

The main goal of X.O sails is to for offer a state of the art product with the finest quality and finish at all levels. All sail lines feature the “Strip Draft Locker” to control and assist the foil in all conditions. Developed by Patrice Belbeoch, all the designs will benefit from his racing experience as well as his know how from R&D and design works with several major brands in the past.


First brand to introduce 3 popular mast curves across the line, Unifiber is compatible with almost every single sail brand.

Recently added to the product line, monocoque Carbon and Alu booms built on the pedrigree of previous top performing products


Powerex high-performance windsurfing masts are renowned as the toughest masts in the world and we back them with the best warranty! Powerex masts unmatched combination of durability, performance and customer service is why Powerex is the best selling mast in Maui.