Animated Rigs:

We engage wind and water to move through wind and water, becoming one with nature’s elements. Life-like rigs are an extension of the rider, they create efficient gliding sensations as well as extend the
effective wind range. Animated rigs are smooth, fast, balanced, easy, and most importantly, inject fun into all windsurfing disciplines- from waves to longboard racing!

How We Achieved This:

In a few words... With windsurfers who share deep passion for methodical windsurfing rig development. The Loftsails development team has expanded further for 2018 and I am thrilled to be able to work with some of the best windsurfers in the world who assist in the exploration of what is possible... We modify, tweak, test, review, refine, and integrate only the best of our work into Loftsails production series designs. For 2018 our our award-winning rigs are further evolved - top tier windsurfing performance and durability. When purchasing a Loftsail, the ultimate in high performance and longevity is received.

Honor and Integrity:

I am dedicated to windsurfing sail design development work. Its been my fascination for some 40 years now, a passion that has grown through the years. My passion is shared with the Loftsails development team... a family environment surrounds our R&D. We work together, enjoying our work to extremes! We live our dreams developing living rigs for all disciplines, and stand by the products we design %100.

Monty Spindler