Race 100-K

Design Goal :
• Build a stronger mast.
• Improve overall performance.
• Create a more durable look and construction.
• Bring our mast bends more in line with the rest of the windsurfing industry.

Carbon 75-K

The added Kevlar around the bottom sections increases strength and impact durability. Contact wear and pressure point distribution from boom clamps and cams is improved. The Kevlar also holds the vertical strands of unidirectional carbon fiber more inline, thus increasing overall durability.

Gladiator Ultra RDM

Stricter quality controls enforced at factory leading to tighter controls of bend curves, with every production mast being bend tested and data recorded to meet the “CAB” “Certified Accurate Bend” requirements.

Katana RDM

Center effort/gravity of new masts is lower down, leading to a lighter feel on the water.
We were very careful in developing the new bend to be not just
compatible with, but to actually improve performance in previous model
year sails as well.

SRS Race 100

Formula Racers and advanced sailors who want the lightest and quickest gust response mast.