MauiSails masts are now more compatible with many other mainstream sail brands.

To be clear about the changes in bend character, our Masts have traditionally had a “percent of midpoint deflection difference” between the ¼ and ¾ points of between 7% and 11%, depending on size, which according to conventional bend definition would be classified as “Hard-top-constant curve”. The new masts have a “percent of midpoint deflection difference” of between 10% and 12%, classifying them as “constant curve”.

New bend allowed for development progress, leading to improved upper wind range in TR race sails, through a combination of better stability down low and improved upper leech release.

Race 100-K
Size IMCS Carbon (%) Weight Race Freerace Freeride Wave RRP Our Price
430 21 100 Yes Yes Yes No $ 939 $ 939
550 36 100 Yes Yes No No $ 1389 $ 1389
520 32 100 Yes Yes Yes No $ 1289 $ 1289

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