Soft - Mastbase Pad

A Flyweight protector that allows hassle-free barefoot sailing without unwanted pain to the toes.


Soft - Boom board protector

Keep your frontend and rails repair-free with a sleek-profile padded protector as you try new tricks.


Soft - Roofrack pads

Weatherproof pads for firm protection and safe transportation of your gear to the beach. Tough WRP-fabric prevents slippage and tears to inner foam. Available in pairs, each pad's 52cm wide for a broad range of board styles.



Developed with Casper Werhaagen. Basic downhauling as well as powerful winch function combined in one easy-to-use tool. No rope change or rope fiddling is required to operate in either mode. Say goodbye to chafed hands and lost downhaul tools. Because the diameter of the Unifiber winch is only 10mm, it's lighter to use than other winches. A child could easily trim a race sail alone with the Unifiber 2 in 1 Downhaul winch.


Adhesive nose protector

The Double Density EVA 3M Self Adhesive Nose Proctector protects your board against catapults and impacts from your mast! The 3M Self Adhesive Protector features lowered corners so your sail can easily move across the nose when waterstarting. 2 hard layers of EVA disperse the impact and one soft layer absorbs it. Available in S, M and L ensuring the best fit for almost any board. No glue required.


Footstraps ultra light contour

A must for every sailor serious about performance! These ultra light weight straps save up to 450 grams compared to 4 normal straps when wet. Strong, stiff and comfortable thanks to 3-ply EVA foam with internal reinforcement than handle full power and control out on the rails while delivering secure fitting for heavier riders and harder use. The contour is optimized for medium and bigger boards. Do not use stainless sleel washer wth teeth as these can damage the footstraps. Use plastic footstrap washers instead.


Sail outhaul double pulley



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