Team Race

For 2017 we have refined the current design to make small but important improvements. A little less roach on the upper leech, lowers the aspect ratio once again to give better control, speed and acceleration. Camber rotation is always at the fore front of our minds and we have focused on improving camber rotation especially in the lowest section of the sail. Two clew positions now gives options when you get extremely overpowered and enables sailors to have more wind range. The lower clew being added will give the sail a much more forgiving feel and very soft leech when getting over powered. In the tack area the tack strap now goes around the extension instead of the base.

Our Goal is to always deliver a race sail which our customers are totally satisfied with from the moment they hit the water. We have one of the best sail when it comes to speed, rigging simplicity, control, quality and availability in the market.

Team Race
Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Battens Head / Top Cam RRP Our Price
8.4 460 25 485 226 25 9 Fixed 4 $ 1719 $ 999
6.6 430 21 437 191 7 9 Fixed 4 $ 1599 $ 899

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