Our new redline extensions are evolved from our “Super-lite” line, tried, tested, and proven for years. They start with our own unique 6061 T-8 drawn aluminum tubing, made in the U.S.A. They are precision machined, anodized red, inside and out, and have permanent numbered increments every two centimeters. We offer eight models. Four that attach to the U.S. base cup and four that attach to the Euro pin. Four of them fit standard masts and four of them fit reduced diameter masts. All of them come in the shorter 30 centimeter maximum extension or the longer 46 centimeter maximum extension. All of them have a secure, fool proof adjustment pin tethered to a hard anodized aluminum collar. Naturally they all incorporate our ultra strong, powerful “Quick-six", quick to rig, six to one, downhaul cleat system and downhaul line.

Name Description RRP Our Price
Redline SDM - US base $ 149 $ 149
Redline SDM - US base $ 175 $ 175
Redline SDM - Euro pin $ 189 $ 189
Redline SDM - Euro pin $ 216 $ 216
Redline RDM - US base $ 156 $ 156
Redline RDM - US base $ 184 $ 184
Redline RDM - Euro pin $ 156 $ 156
Redline RDM - Euro pin $ 184 $ 184

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