Specialized for down-the-line, waveriding purists, the sensation of the S2Maui 2-batten Dualist can only be described as insanely light and agile with tons of drive. These characteristics, combined with the quick response of a tighter leech and instant power/depower of the 2-batten skeleton, certainly give you some new angles and opens your mind to possibilities that didn’t exist before. It provides an advantage for fitting into “unmakeable” sections of the wave and leaves you scratching your head, thinking “did I really pull that off?” We are having lots of fun with these at Ho’okipa.

 Artur Szpunar:

Achieving balance and stability in the 2-batten skeleton of the Dualist was made possible by the application of our center-of-effort balanced, FocusPoint™ profile shaping method together with the load-stabilizing WARP-PATH™ panel layout in the design. This must be the lightest wave sail on the water – a game changer in terms of agility on the wave. Handles smoothly even in the gusts.

Size Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Battens Head / Top Cam RRP Our Price
4.2 370 17 377 155 7 2 Fixed 0 $ 999 $ 999
4.6 370 17 389 164 19 2 Fixed 0 $ 999 $ 999
5.1 400 19 412 171 12 2 Fixed 0 $ 999 $ 999

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