Streamlined Windsurfing was established in 1982 by David Dominy to design and produce high performance windsurfing components. Back then Dave's first design was the first, the original, 'Tendon' universal joint. This design has become the industry standard throughout the world and is arguably the most imitated design in all of windsurfing.

Carbon booms

Streamlined ANGULO carbon booms Made in the USA


We invented the tendon universal joint design from 1981 and it is the strongest joint of all. Our unique design has evolved, and has been refined over the years while every other company plays catch up using our unique design.


Our new “Red-Line” extensions are engineered to be used even at their highest mast setting. This makes our extensions extra versatile compared to other brands. Most sailors are afraid to use the higher settings due to bad experiences with other brands. With Streamlined “Redlines’s, you can sail them at the full 30cm or 46cm extension heights with confidence.