U-Surf Tri Fin

Based on a proven shape, the new USURF tri-fin is offering the very best in terms of comfort, speed and manoeuvrability.  You will find a similarity in performance, but it will exceed your expectations in several departments;

Tri-fin boards are excellent options for wave riding due to the centre fin giving a lot of drive through bottom turns.  Still you will have the feeling of a single fin although you can squeeze the turns much more if needed.

The top turns become shaper and looser than single fins but with etter control than twizer's. 

The result is a lot of efficiency and precision in the waves.

USURF tri-fin is a true all rounder with excellent planning and upwind abilities.

U-Surf Tri Fin
Volume Length Width Weight Fin Size Sail Size RRP Our Price
76 230 57 6.3kg 16.5cm 3.7 - 5.9 $ 2350 $ 1299
84 235 60 6.7kg 19.5cm 4.0 - 6.4 $ 2350 $ 1299

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