MauiSails will supply you not only with high quality sails, masts and booms but also with all the other details necessary to go on the water.


Formuline offers 619 kg average break load at 3.8mm diameter: Simply the best for all windsurfing practices.

  • Lightweight, reduces the weight of the rig.
  • High strength – will easily take the strain and power of modern rigs
  • Durable - Abrasion resistant Dyneema does not easily wear out on cleats and cringles
  • Very low stretch - keeps the rig perfectly set
  • High performance rope for windsurfers



Boom Front End

  • MauiSails frontend, fits 37mm or 40mm diameter carbon tubes. Will fit most booms.
  • Please remember if you are going to use our boom head with RDM mast you will also need a boom shim



Boom Back End

  • Replacement boom back end
  • 170-230 wave
  • 170-230 wide slalom
  • 190-240 wide slalom

From, $299


Boom Protector

  • Covers the front end at the boom mast connection.
  • Foam construction is wrapped in tough 600D fabric with hook and loop strap for easy and quick installation.



Fixed Harness Lines

These tough and reliable fixed length lines come with non slip anti-twist boom pads with a double velcro closure for easy fore and aft adjustment.
Sizes: 16"/41cm, 18"/46cm, 20"/51cm, 22"/56cm, 24"/61cm, 26"/66cm, 28"/71cm, 30"/76cm

  • Anti-Twist Boom Pads.
  • Double Velcro Closure Security.
  • No Stretch Dacron Braid.
  • Durable PVC Cover.
  • Two per set.



Adjustable Harness Lines

The 20"-24" and 22"-28" are used for light wind course racing, for smaller people and light wind free sailing. The 26"-32" are used for extreme wave, free race or high wind course racing.
Three convenient sizes: 20"-24", 22"-28", 26"-32"

  • Adjustable on the water.
  • Quick release system.
  • Two per set.
  • Easy to fit on the booms.




  • Reliable 25mm elasticized webbing uphaul.
  • Light weight.
  • Won’t swing around while sailing.
  • 140cm long.



Mast Base Pad

  • Covers the Uni-Joint for foot and board protection.
  • Made of foam construction joined with an easy Velcro strap.



Roof Rack Pads

Identify with these classy EVA foam protectors. Designed for easy removal or installation on round or oval roof rack bars.

  • Use with round or oval roof racks.
  • 52 cm long.
  • Two per set.
  • 10mm padding



Tie Down Straps

  • Simple, totally reliable straps
  • Foam padded buckle for board protection.
  • 25mm high quality buckle.
  • Tough 25mm polypropylene webbing.
  • 3.5m long.
  • Two per set.



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